A Revolution in Hospitality Solutions

Welcome to the Steakd Ecosystem. Hospitality solutions designed by industry professionals that are smart, simple to implement, and that provide lasting industry impact. Steakd will feature SDX, our unique $BUSD rewards token launched on the Binance Smart Chain. Offering utility from day one… Steakd has been built to improve efficiency while reducing overall industry fees for all parties.

The Steakd Ecosytem - Rich in Utility

The Steakd Ecosytem - Rich in Utility

Tokenomics Offering Investor Rewards in BUSD

SDX is the Steakd Ecosystem Token, located on the Binance Smart Chain

A Revolution in Hospitality Solutions

Utilities designed to benefit the entire industry. 

Passive Growth

Peace of mind growth with token staking available day one. 

Boutique SDX Community NFT Collection

Featuring beautiful artwork, powerful stories, and custom utility, the Weeping Chef NFT collection shines a light on the industry we love. From the hilarious to the bizarre, the courage and the heartbreak, and the struggle through to the redemption, the weeping chef sees it all. 

Secure Asset Fund

Steakd incorporates a SAFU into it’s tokenomics to help protect investor funds.

Steakd Tokenomics

As a reward token on the Binance Smart Chain, SDX employs advanced tokenomics through a unique contract to offer passive BUSD income. With each buy a 12% transaction fee is applied and with each sell a 16% transaction fee is applied. There is no fee on SDX wallet transfers. Transaction Fees are automatically distributed in the following way…

For a more in depth look at $SDX tokenomics and the Steakd ecosystem please find a copy of our whitepaper here. 

Steakd Real World Utilities

If you are interested in our upcoming newsletter, “RARE”, for the STEAKD Ecosystem, please notify the team in our Discord Channel.

How the world eats is changing dramatically. A decade ago restaurant-quality food delivery was limited to a very small number of options. Since that time, food delivery has become a global market worth more than $150 billion dollars, having tripled since 2017 alone. With such rapid growth, the evolution and development of industry systems has not adapted well with the demand. In particular, opportunities to deliver services using blockchain technology have not been identified and built…. until now. 

Steakd will bring utility to it’s ecosystem by offering real world services that assist the  hospitality industry become more efficient, organized, and resilient in the challenging times that the industry faces. The Steakd team is built up of industry experts who understand that the difference between surviving and thriving is a thin line that our services will allow clients to step over. Built by industry experts for experts in the industry Steakd aims to always deliver exactly what’s needed. 

One of our first focus areas at Steakd is current Food delivery systems. Current delivery models face significant challenges that add additional costs to all users of the hospitality system. With improved blockchain automation, these issues can be avoided, offering a better product at a lower price. 
Whether it’s higher fees, staffing shortages, or inventory inflation, one of the biggest challenges in the industry at this time is increasing pressure on traditionally thin margins. Through our subscription model, Steakd will provide an automation platform to help manage challenges and provide a better path forward for the food service and hospitality industry.
Fees that are collected through transactions and monthly subscription fees will route back into the project for BBB and provide rewards for $SDX investors, member businesses, and their staff. 

Stake Your Tokens

Steakd will offer $SDX staking from launch for its community. While the ecosystem will be built over time, the Steakd team is very dedicated towards offering a token utility immediately upon launch for investors. Steakd will offer multiple staking pools, including a limited access higher APY pool available through $SDX NFT ownership. 

Common Questions

If you want to take advantage of our staking pools head over to and search for Steakd. Pick the pool duration you would like to stake your tokens in, enter the number of tokens you would like to steak and then click deposit. You will need to approve the transaction first and then approve the transaction to deposit your tokens.

Depending on the pool you choose (NFT based or regular), there will be fees on particular actions to the staking pool. To understand the different fees or taxes, you can head to for a break down depending on stake length and action.

Your tokens disappear from your wallet, because they’re sent to a staking contract. The staking contract needs your tokens so it knows what percentage of the pool has been taken up, to allow or stop new investors from staking.

Your Steakd tokens will occur reflections whilst you’re staking. The reflections will be claimable through the pool and will occur a charge as explained in the FSP fee section.

More Questions? Feel Free to come join our Community Discord Today!

Steakd NFT – The Weeping Chef

Autobiographical in nature, the Weeping Chef is a boutique NFT collection meant to evoke the realities of the Hospitality industry over the last few years. Featuring beautiful artwork, powerful stories, and custom utility, the Weeping Chef NFT collection shines a light on the industry we love. From the hilarious to the bizarre, the courageous and the heartbroken, and the struggle through to redemption, the weeping chef sees it all. This collection is a teary celebration, and a call to action for our team for this industry that we love. 
The Weeping Chef will be a small 50-100 NFT collection, and will live on the Binance Smart Chain. Pricing details and full Information concerning Utilities will be listed here soon. 



Build by select privately commissioned artists, as well as featuring community submitted work. The Weeping Chef stands to become one of the most interesting artistic NFT endeavours launched in 2023.

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SDX will feature a select staking pool that will hold a higher APY that can only be used by holders of the Weeping Chef NFT collection.
This will be a significant opportunity for investors wanting to hold and maximize their returns in the staking of $SDX.

Team Connect

With over 50 years of food service experience, including decades of mentorship and business coaching, a select number of rare Weeping Chef Nfts will unlock a 2 hour coaching session for your business to troubleshoot a key business challenge with the $SDX team.

Secure Asset Fund for Users

The Secure Asset Fund for Users (safu) was coined and put in to place originally by Binance. For Steakd, its main priority is to keep its users’ funds safe in the unfortunate scenario where something has happened to the project, it’s utility or token.

Steakd is committing a percentage of its token’s tax (1%) of each buy and sell, in order to grow the fund over time to a sizeable level. This will ultimately safeguard its investors and stakeholders, providing confidence and trust within the project.

The funds gained will be converted to stable coins, so price fluctuation is kept minimal whilst spreading the risk through several tokens such as BUSD, USDT and USDC.

Meet the Steakd Team

John Buskie has been in the food service industry since 1997. Not only has he worked at some of the biggest venues in the country; but he has also delivered some of the largest events in the

As a head chef and restaurant owner, John has first-hand experience understanding what it takes to run a successful food service operation. He has also successfully managed a number of events, including head chef for the Commonwealth Games and the closing ceremony.

John, is keenly aware of food service operations and current challenges, He has build Steakd to offer service and utiltity to the industry in a time that is is dramatically needed. He understands the commitment that many bring on a daily basis and has a deep respect for those in the industry. Steakd is being built to offer a unique opportunity for food service, finally…. a seat at the table, for those used to serving at it.

Mark Yellowley has been self employed in the food service industry for over 25 years. After starting his own home-based food business and building it out to multiple retail locations he is very aware of both the opportunities and the challenges that the industry provides.
Drawn to work as a mentor and coach, Mark has assisted many local businesses create a systemized approach to building resilience and strength into their business models. Through recent work as a commercial lender and business analyst, Mark has seen a deep need for hospitality to have access to services which offer better financial returns and organizational capacity. Mark has joined the $SDX team because he believes Steakd will build industry changing utility, and that the ecosystem will be built in a way that finally offers ownership to the industry itself. 

As Steakd continues to grow we are actively looking at welcoming new team members who have a genuine passion for Hospitality and a desire to improve the industry.