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Incredibulls NFT Collection

What is the Incredibulls?
The Incredibulls is an upcoming Steakd NFT Collection of cute and awesome mystery Bulls that will bring utilities such as staking pools, liquidity boosts and additional passive income to SDX holders.

How much these NFTs cost?
.3 BNB each.

How many Incredibulls will be available?
A total of 3,333.

Why should I have an Incredibull?
Having one of these NFTs provides additional benefits and utilities within the Steakd Ecosystem.

What benefits/utilities does the Incredibull offer?
– Passive income: 20% revenue will be invested in a wallet. Rewards will paid out to holders after 6 months in USDT Stable coin.

– Artist fee of 3% on secondary NFT market will be injected back into the LP.

– Holders of an Incredibull NFT are allowed to stake up to 500 billion SDX Tokens per Bull in a private higher APY (+4%) staking pool (“Happy Pool”).

– Steakd is building a first of its kind Web3 Food Delivery APP. Buying a Bull supports the operations of the development of this App.

– 10% will go to our charitable partner “The Burnt Chef Project”, which focuses on mental health in the industry. They have been incredibly impactful to the industry in many ways and we are happy to help them continue on their great work.

– Liquidity boost of 50% (post charitable partner donation)

– SDX Giveaways! Mint a Diamond Incredibull win $500; Golden bull win $100; Party Bull win $50.

– PFP coolness

How long can I stake my Incredibulls?
6 months or 12 months. You are guaranteed 12 months in the “Happy Pool.”

Can I unstake my Incredibull at any time?
Yes, you can unstake at any time.

While Staking these NFTs do I still receive my USDT rewards from SDX Tokens?
Yes, you will still receive all your rewards.